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How to have the Perfect Memorial Day on the Outer Banks

Memorial Day is the traditional start of summer. Of course, there is so much more to Memorial Day. North Carolina is home to thousands of active duty service members, retirees, veterans, and loved ones of those serving. The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a popular place... View the full post »

It is Never Too Late To Book Your Ultimate OBX Beach Vacation

Summer is right around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to book your ultimate Outer Banks beach vacation. This week we have everything you need to plan and book your summer vacation. Let's get started! Pick The Perfect Location One of the best... View the full post »

The Hottest Summer Events of 2018 on the Outer Banks

It's that time of year and here on the Outer Banks we're gearing up for another great summer. The OBX is the perfect place for your next family vacation with events that everyone will find fun. Today we have the roundup of all the hottest summer events.  ... View the full post »

Say Yes to an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

Have you recently said yes? Are you wondering where to have your wedding? How about an Outer Banks beach wedding! There are over a hundred miles of pristine beaches, loads of local resources, and an easy to reach location from almost anywhere. We have the perfect place for your... View the full post »

The 5 Best Day Trips To Take During Your OBX Beach Vacation

  The Outer Banks of North Carolina are often referred to as the OBX. However, the OBX is made up of several unique towns and villages each with its own charm, character, and history. One of the best features of an Outer Banks beach vacation is the ability to easily e... View the full post »

How to Have the Perfect Pet Friendly Outer Banks Beach Vacation

For many of us, a vacation without our four-legged friend is not a vacation at all. We at Elan Vacations agree, and we are proud to represent dozens of homes that allow dogs. The Outer Banks is a dog lover's paradise, with beautiful beaches, great places to walk an... View the full post »

Welcome to the 2018 Outer Banks Bike Week

It's April and here on the Outer Banks that means we not only have the roar of the waves but the beautiful growl of Harleys. You guessed it, Outer Banks Bike Week is almost here. This annual event has been coming to the OBX for 16 years. This year is shaping up to be a ... View the full post »

10 Tips for Staying Safe During Your OBX Vacation

Are you planning an Outer Banks beach vacation? You've planned all the details, where to eat, the best activities and sites to see and do. But, have you taken a moment to take care of those pesky little things that need to be attended to? This week we give you all the... View the full post »

The Best Workouts to Get Into Shape for Your OBX Beach Vacation

If you haven't planned your OBX beach vacation yet, now is the time. Of course, we all want to look our best while out on the beach. With summer a few weeks away, there is still plenty of time to burn those extra calories and get the beach body you've always wante... View the full post »

The Perfect Outer Banks Easter Celebration

Are you ready to hop your way to the perfect Outer Banks Easter celebration? This week we have everything you need to have a fabulous Easter with a beach vacation. From crafts, a healthy run, to Easter egg hunts there is no shortage of fun on the OBX.... View the full post »

Even Sea Turtles Love the Outer Banks

  14 Yes, it ‘s true, even the sea turtles love to vacation on the Outer Banks. Well, maybe not a vacation, but each year dozens of these majestic creatures visit our beaches to nest and continue the cycle of life. If you have the chance to interact w... View the full post »

10 Fun Facts About the Wright Brothers Flight on the Outer Banks

  One of the iconic features of the Outer Banks is the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hiils. As many know, in 1903, the Wright Brothers flew their Wright Flyer on the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk and forever secured the Outer Banks spot in aviation’s history. Today t... View the full post »

A Guide to Hunting for Seashells and Sea Glass on the OBX

  Few places are as perfect for hunting seashells and sea glass as the pristine beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. With miles of beaches, various inlets, islands and strong currents serious beachcombers have known for years that to explore our beaches is a great treat. During your... View the full post »

How to Have the Perfect Valentine's Day on the Outer Banks

  Valentine's Day is almost here and if you're looking for a few last-minute ideas on how to celebrate this special day you're in luck, because we have some great ideas. From free things to do to the more upscale ideas they all take place right here on the beautiful Outer Banks. ... View the full post »

Book Direct and Save On Your OBX Beach Vacation

There is such a thing as a deal that is just too good to be true. Sadly in this day and age, it is getting harder and harder for consumers to know when they are getting a good deal. We've all seen the ads and the apps for online bookings agents. They all seem great on the surface. They adver... View the full post »