Homeowner FAQ

How do you service homes with your office on the mainland?

Our office location is ideal for both vacationers and homeowners.

Guests love the convenience of picking up their keys as early as 10:00 am on check-in day and missing the bulk of the vacation traffic. For those guests traveling from the south, we are always happy to make arrangements for them to pick-up keys elsewhere. We also have a drop off box on the opposite side of the road for the convenience of dropping off the keys on the way out of town. No need to cross the main highway!

Service to the guest and homeowner are the same as any other management company. Our maintenance staff leaves the office around 8:30 am each morning and do not return until 5:00 pm each day. This allows our maintenance team to service guest calls all day long from Nags Head to Corolla. The majority of the service calls are handled the same day they are called in to the office.

How do you calculate management commission percentage?

Commission percentage is a sliding scale based on the projected gross income of the rental home. Our commission begins at 5% and depends on which management program you choose.

How much money can I expect to gross on my rental home?

Because so many factors affect lodging demand and rental rates, it would be irresponsible to quote an exact figure. Several things need to be considered when pricing your rental home: condition, distance to the beach, number of bedrooms and offered amenities. All of these items influence the amount of money your vacation rental home will ultimately earn. Once we have had a chance to evaluate your specific rental unit, we'd be happy to provide you with a rental proejction. The projection is based on available information gathered from comparable or similar properties with one or more full rental seasons.

Besides commission, what fees are associated with Elan managing our rental?

The advertised rent that the guest pays includes a nominal amount to cover credit card fees. Once that fee is deducted, the owner receives the remainder of the base rental income less our commission. Additional expenses such as Basic Maintenance, Linens & Towels and Mouse on House Virtual Floor Plan are billed annually.

What fees do you collect from renters?

In addition to the basic rental rate and required taxes, we collect a $100 Booking Fee and $95 for the Damage Deposit Waiver. Other optional fees to the guest are pet fees, pool heat fee and travel insurance.

How and when do I receive income payment?

Money is directly deposited into the owner's designated bank account by the 3rd of each month for income earned in the previous month.

As an owner, what do I need to personally pay for?

Property owners are responsible for maintaining and personally paying any mortgage, utility, HOA, property tax or insurance payments associated with property ownership. Elan Vacations handles payments directly associated with property rental only (unless otherwise contracted).

How do you handle accounting, payments and tax reporting?

As professional property managers we are ethically and legally required to follow certain accounting and reporting practices. On behalf of property owners we collect rental income, disburse necessary tax related payments and report to various government entities. All monies are held in a trust account and 1099's are issued at year end.

What services does Elan Vacations provide?

As a full-service resort rental company, we handle the following property management functions:

  • reservations, cancellations and disputes
  • renter management and relations
  • cleaning
  • check-in and check-out services
  • property marketing and advertising
  • preparation and enforcement of rental agreements
  • security checks
  • arranging and auditing maintenance and repairs
  • owner statements, disbursements and tax reporting

What determines which units get rented first?

First and foremost, a potential renter's requirements determine which units are presented during the reservation process. After renter requirements, availability and unit cost are considered, unit options are then given to the potential renter in no particular order. Our reservationists try to gather as many requirements as possible to narrow down the search results to just a handful of properties for the guest to choose from.

How often can I use my property?

We assume owners put their properties into resort rental programs because they are intereted in generating income. We also understand that owners sometimes want to use their property themselves. We encourage personal use during the slower times so it does not cost the owner money (i.e. spring and fall). With a bit of flexibility it is usually easy for an owner to strike a comfortable balance between personal use and income. However, an owner can use their property as much as they like so long as it does not overlap with a paying guest reservation. (Excessive in-season use can affect commission structure.)

What cleaning requirements do you have?

A well-kept vacation home encourages successful resort rental. Both for the protection of the owner's property and the well-being of guest renters, we require the property be cleaned after every guest and owner use. We also require the home to be deep cleaned before the beginning of each rental season to ensure cleanliness throughout the rental season. The cleaning of the property can be done by Elan Vacations staff, a private cleaner or the owner. The cost of cleaning the property after a paid rental week is included in the management commission (unless otherwise negotiated).

What do I need to provide in my rental home?

As part of owner preparation we provide a detailed list of required and recommended items each rental should have, including basic appliances and furnishings. Click here for Property Standards.

What do you do about property repairs and maintenance?

An important part of our service relieves owners from maintenance and repair hassles. Not only do we recommend and monitor regular preventative maintenance, we also handle emergency repairs that sometimes present themselves in our unique and demanding beach environment. Whenever possible, we notify owners in advance for approval. However, in emergency situations advance notification may be impossible requiring us to proceed immediately with repairs on behalf of the owner in order to protect life and property.

What if something is damaged in my property?

Each guest has the option of paying $95 for a Damage Waiver or $1,000 refundable security deposit. If an item is accidentally damaged in the home, Elan will take care of the repair/replacement. However, normal wear and tear and theft are not covered.

Should I allow dogs in my vacation home?

Allowing dogs in the rental home is at the discretion of the owner. Allowing guests to bring their dog does help rent weeks in the shoulder season but does leave your home open to additional wear and tear. If you do allow dogs in your rental home, the limit is 2 dogs and the guest pays and additional pet fee of $200. $75 goes to the homeowner and $125 goes to Elan to cover the cost of extra cleaning of pet hair and regular flea treatments.