Mouse On House Floor Plan

Trueplace: A better marketing tool?

  • The majority of renters now search online before making a reservation (VRMA study).
  • Vacationers now demand more information than traditional marketing options offer.
  • The Virtual Floor Plan Tours provide the truest sense of the size, feel and layout of a home.
  • Insta-load technology means your prospective renters won't have any wait time or downloads to see your tours.
  • Finally, renters love the tours!

Make a First Impression that Lasts

You can do that with Mouse on House, because the interactive "Virtual Floor Plan Tour" provides your prospective renters with a realistic view of what your rental property looks like – in side and out, floor by floor, room by room. That means they'll know exactly what's in store for them when they're booking your property. What's more, adding a Mouse on House tour to your listing provides an ever-increasing onlne audience instant, 24/7 viewing access to your property. So, potential renters will be able to view their options and make rental decisions whenever they have time – and at their own pace. Plus, they can share their findings with friends and family members based on an educated housing selection that keeps coming back.

Virtual Floor Plan Tour

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